AminoRip New Formula

Now 18g of Protein per serving

  • 100% Bioavailable
  • 100% essential amino acids
  • Power-packed 1oz. dose
  • 18 grams of pure protein per dose
  • Repairs and Rebuilds Tissues
  • Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Aminorip is a predigested protein supplement that is specially formulated to contain all indispensable amino acids, making it your complete protein source.

As you go on your day to day activities, sometimes you may miss a meal or even meals. Our easily digested supplement provides a high protein concentration and low calories.

Who is everyone?

Sports Enthusiast

If you’re into bodybuilding, weightlifting, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA) – or any other demanding, competitive sport – a convenient source of protein is essential for building lean muscle mass and for recovery and healing. You need a fast absorbed protein no other product is more convenient that AminoRip®.

Recommended Administration:
Pre Workout: 1-2oz of AminoRip® 30min before workout.

Post Workout: 1-2oz of AminoRip® 30min within finishing.

Endurance Athlete

If you’re into triathlon and running your body require significant quantities of protein to recover from a long swim, bike, run or simply running, also, bloating feeling is something you would like to avoid

Recommended Administration:
Pre Workout: 1-2oz of AminoRip® 30min before workout.

Post Workout: 1-2oz of AminoRip® 30min within finishing.

 Active Adults

Your day to day requires taking your kids to karate or ballet, working over 8 hours to meet a deadline, trying to incorporate a workout in a short day. All these daily shores will cause you to miss meals and just by having a snack you will not be able to replace your daily requirements of protein. With AminoRip®-15 you are taking 15 grams of protein with ONLY 60 calories on the go.

Other Activities includes Spinning, Hard Working Moms and Dads, Family Nutrition, etc.


After bariatric surgery, patients require a high-protein liquid diet to supply required nutrients. AminoRip Pure Liquid Protein fills that need perfectly, satisfying protein needs and preventing muscle loss. Each 1oz oz., 60-calorie serving comes packed with 15g of complete protein and no carbs, no sugar, and no fat.

What are the benefits of taking collagen?

Collagen is the second most prevalant component in the human body, yet we stop producing it at an early age.  It is the connective tissue which holds us together (joints, muscles, etc) and also which gives our skin elasticity.  Collagen is a protein.   

Until now it has only been available in external form (expensive creams) or in liquid form that was so unpleasant in taste, most people find themselves unable to drink it.  UNTIL NOW.   

Tasty grape-flavored AminoRip provides 18 grams of liquid collagen protein in only one ounce of liquid.

For many years our Chief Scientific Officer, nutritionist and registered dietitian Elaine Hastings, prescribed a nearly-identical product in a hospital setting, to patients who needed protein in order to heal.   Because of the extraordinary results she witnessed, and because there was nothing similar available to consumers, she brought to market for the general public.   

AminoRip has been tested and it is pharmaceutical grade.  It also tests negative for all banned substances, so is safe for competitive athletes to use... and many of them do!

Keep in mind the regular, habitual usage is important to see the affects of liquid collagen protein.  Harvard Studies have shown that 2 – 1oz servings per day showed significant improvements after 2 weeks, but optimal benefits after 30 days usage.


Can I mix Amino Rip® in my smoothies?

Absolutely! AminoRip® can be mixed in anything without affecting the quality of the protein. Our dietitian recommends chasing the 1 oz serving with some orange juice, because the Vitamin C creates a positive additive effect.


How does AminoRip® taste?

Unlike most liquid protein, AminoRip® is easy on the taste buds.  We have enhanced the flavor three times now, and our latest flavor - grape - is getting rave reviews.   If for whatever reason it's not your favorite taste, keep in mind that you're only consuming 1-2 oz servings at a time.


Nutrition Facts:

Essential (Indispensable) amino acids

Isolucine 200mg

  • A branched chain amino acid readily taken up and used for energy by muscle tissue. Used to prevent muscle wasting in debilitated individuals Essential in the formation of hemoglobin

Histadine 110mg

  • One of the major ultraviolet absorbing compounds in the skin. Important in the production of red and white blood cells; used in the treatment of anemia

 Methionine  110mg 

  • Precursor of cystine and creatine. May increase antioxidant levels (glutathione) and reduce blood cholesterol levels. Helps remove toxic wastes from the liver and assists in the regeneration of liver and kidney tissue

Leucine 450mg

  • A branched chain amino acid used as a source of energy Helps reduce muscle protein breakdown Modulates uptake of neurotransmitter precursors by the brain as well as the release of enkephalins, which inhibit the passage of pain signals into the nervous system.Promotes healing of skin and broken bones

Lysine 650mg

  • Low levels can slow protein synthesis, affecting muscle and connective tissue. 
  • Inhibits viruses. Lysine and Vitamin C together form L-carnitine, a biochemical that enables muscle tissue to use oxygenmore efficiently, delaying fatigue .

Threonine  300mg

  • One of the amino detoxifiers. 
  • Helps prevent fatty buildup in the liver. 
  • Important component of collagen. 
  • Generally low in vegetarians.

Valine 139mg

A branched chain amino acid. 

Not processed by the liver; rather actively taken up by muscle.  Influences brain uptake of other neurotransmitter precursors triptophan, phenylalanine and tryosine.

Phenylalanine 350mg

The major precursor of tyrosine. 

Enhances learning, memory, mood and alertness. Used in the treatment of some types of depression. Is a major element in the production of collagen. Suppresses appetite.

Tryptophan 66mg

Precursor of key neurotransmitter seratonin, which exerts a calming effect.  Stimulates the release of growth hormones.  Free form of this amino acid is unavailable in the US and is only available in natural food sources.   

Conditionally Dispensible Amino Acids

Arginine 1200mg

Arginine can increase secretion of insulin, glucagon, growth hormones.  It aids in injury rehabilitation, formation of collagen and immune system stimulation.  It's a precursor of creatine, gamma amino butric acid (GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain).  It may increase sperm count and T-lymphocyte response 


Detoxifies harmful chemicals in combination with L-aspartic acid and L-citruline, Helps prevent damage from alcohol and tobacco use, and Stimulates white blood cell activity


Precursor of the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine, as well as thyroid and growth hormones and melanin (the pigment responsible for skin and hair color) and Elevates mood.

NonEssential (Dispensable) Amino Acids


Major component of connective tissue, Key intermediate in the glucose alanine cycle, which allows muscles and other tissues to derive energy from amino acids.   Helps build up the immune system

Glutamic Acid

A major precursor of glutamine, proline, ornothine, arginine, glutathione, and GABA.   A potential source of energy.  Important in brain metabolism and metabolism of other amino acids.

Aspartic Acid

Helps convert carbohydrates into muscle energy.  Builds immune system immunoglobulins and antibodies.   Reduces ammonia levels after exercises


Most abundant amino acid.   Plays a key role in immune system functions.  An important source of energy, especially for kidneys and intestines during caloric restrictions. A brain fuel that is an aid to memory and a stimulant to intelligence and concentration


Important in cells' energy production.   Aids memory and nervous system function.   Helps builds up immune system byproducing immuno-globulins and antibodies


A major component in the formation of connective tissue and heart muscle.  Readily mobilized for muscular energy.  Major constituent of collagen


Aids in the absorption and elimination of fats. May act as a neurotransmitter in some areas of the brain and retina


Contributes to strong connective4e tissue and tissue antioxidant actions.  Aids in healing processes, stimulates white blood cell activity and helps diminish pain from inflammation.  Essential for the formation of skin and hair.


Aids in the manufacture of other amino acids and is a part of the structure of hemoglobin and cytochromes (enzymes involved in energy production).  Has a calming effect and is sometimes used to treat manic depressive and aggressive individuals.  Produces glucagon, which mobilizes glycogen Can inhibit sugar cravings


May help increase growth hormone secretion in high doses.  Aids in immune and liver function and Promotes healing




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